Monday, October 30, 2006

Not quite the RSS

I havn't quirte got the hang of the RSS thing yet. However I comend to you two interesting newletters with RSS feeds I receive: the resource Shelf and Docuticker

Both provide weekly updates to policy pages and other fun stuff.

Docuticker also has Shirl as chief editor, a most techically savvy librarian and also friend and former coworker of on the corner

the bassbone likes her as well

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I claim this blog

Technorati Profile

Another assignment down, more or less,
i will probably continue posting to this after the close out of assignments after all then i may vent on this other than library 2.0. I found it interesting that several more technically savvy types are telling me "blogs are so yesterday." Since i just started this blog i'm not surprised. i seem to be always a bit behind the curve. Anyway if others can have their little corners of cyberspace then why not me?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rolling Rollyo

"rollin' rollin' rollin' keep them doggies movin" or "as the caissons keep rolling along" or even "roll me over in the clover [remaing lines censored]"
I've added a rollyo account here I chose newspapers from my old haunts plus others I read regularly as well as my branch of service. Seems like an interesting tool to use. Let's see if this setting stays put unlike library thing. So far i think i'm batting .500 in the items i've attempted and that still leaves quite a bit more to do.

103 years ago LT Edmund Gruber 3rd FA was serving in the Phillipines. His unit's cannon were making slow headway in the mud. An old sergeant remarked to him "they'll be all right sir, as long as they keep rolling." Cue the song inspiration.
If you've ever climbed Mount Scott, come down Medicine Bluff, or taken an azimuth from the blockhouse on Signal Mountain, I send greetings.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


As you can see, I've gone several weeks between posts. I've wondered if our Library 2.0 masters require if this blog only be about the 23 things done whilst using the 7.5 factors of learning or can we talk about anything and everything. Anyway I pose a question in my profile about the link between my Chinese Zodiac sign and my chosen instrument. Simply stated, a major orchestral excerpt for the bass trombone is given to the left or at least that's where the software put it. An individual chasing my Chinese sign sings (the excerpt provides the melody) about commtting homicide re. said animal.

This and other excerpts can be found at
the most excellent website of Mr. Douglas Yeo , Bass Trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. If you are a Bass Trombonist and you havn't been there, well.......
Anyway, now back to our standard Library 2.0 blogging

Jumping Ahead

I actually heard about LIBRARY THING in a session about MySpace for parents. Sounded interesting but the cataloging is a little tedious. So should you want to view my selections go to Whatever strikes your fancy. The selections are in keeping with my interests. On some of the other things my frustration level boils over. As for MySpace, scary place.

addendum: Oct 24,
Well I've entered and catalogued the same five selections twice and both times Library Thing has not saved them so it is for me a waste of time.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Technologia virumque cano

Well they said blog about technology.
for me it is a tool to get something done with. I'm not old enough to remember ENIAC but pretty close. I do remember in my firstcollege computer class, typing my assignments in APL on a keyboard hardwired into an IBM 370 in the next building (fall semester 1971). It has helped me do my job better and helped me in other areas. I especially like email because i've managed to stay in touch with old and far away friends that way. One surprised me by addressing me in a message with the title of this blog. In one job I was the computer expert. How this happpened was the REAL expert got promoted into a major tech job (if they wrote the job requirements any more specifically they would have had to put in his name). The boss then turned to me and said "You are now the computer expert." I scared myelf one day when explaining some tech point to a customer. I almost convinced myself I knew what I was talking about.

Friday, August 25, 2006


My first question was how is flickr pronounced. Is it flicker or is it flick r? I would tend towards the first because it brings up a theme song; (they call it flicker! flicker! faster than lightning) If you are old enough you'll understand that. The second pronunciation was spoken by the resident computer genius at my house.

Well I just uploaded an image. Interesting, I really don't follow baseball that much BUT after seeing an image of the Pinstripe Palace last night, I thought this would be a good subject for a member of the Red Sox Nation.

"Flick!" the title of this post, is a command given to a Searchlight Battery conducting an illumination mission and is equivalent to the command "Fire!" given to a Cannon Battery.


PS after I published this, i realized i hadn't given credit where credit was due. So here's to ally85 for the picture.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

And so we begin

I am joining the throng now taking part in PLCMC's Library 2.0 learning program.
I never could keep a journal going so let's see how long I stick with this